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Every Little Bit Helps
We are exposed to harmful toxins everyday. While it is impossible to avoid all exposure to toxins there are a few simple things
we can do to help. For starters change the type of food we eat. Organic whole foods have less preservatives and artificial
additives. Avoid eating fast food and grain-fed meats that can store harmful toxins such as PCB's and Dioxins. Avoid non-stick
cookware. Try using products made with natural ingredients as opposed to artificial fragrances, parabens, alcohol, or laurel
sulphates that can cause serious health problems.
To learn more about how to avoid toxins click here

Heavy Metal Poisoning and Chelation Therapy
With all the pollutants we are exposed to on a daily basis through the water we drink or the food we eat, heavy metal
poisoning is becoming more and more common. This refers to any toxic accumulation of heavy metals in soft tissues of the
body. One of the most common metals we are exposed to is aluminum which is often found in municipal water, antiperspirants,
cookware, refined foods, over the counter medications, etc. This dangerous metal is linked to an array of symptoms including
osteoporosis, anemia, headaches, Alzheimer’s disease, decreased liver and kidney function, and problems with speech to name
a few.
Lead is another common metal we are often exposed to. Lead has been found in some water supplies, rubber products, glass,
and some toys or jewelry. Symptoms of lead poisoning often include, stomachaches, headaches, muscle weakness, tooth
decay, and nerve damage. Cadmium and Arsenic are also metals that we are exposed to through municipal water supply,
pesticides, etc. These have been shown to cause cancer as well as several other health issues even if exposed to small

With all the damage these heavy metal can cause, it is important to remove as much of them as possible and try to salvage
any damage they may have caused. Chelation therapy is often used to remove these metals from the system. In the past,
chelation therapy consisted of expensive, time consuming IV treatments that were often hard on the system.

Recently, an alternative method of suppositories has become available that makes it more affordable and available for
treatment. This method is very gentle and has no major side effects or drug interactions. It is recommended to get tested
monthly for vitamin, herb, and homeopathic needs. By using one suppository every other night before bedtime during the initial
treatment plan, people have seen improvements in circulation, stamina, energy, and even improvements in heart disease,
prostate issues, chronic fatigue, and overall improvement of general health and wellness. There is a heavy metal test kit
available to see if heavy metal toxicity is a problem for you. If the test comes back positive we can come up with a treatment
plan for you.

The Dangers of Common Skin Care
Have you ever stopped to read the ingredients in your every day skin care products? Like most people, you probably think the
name brand soaps, lotions, and hair care products are totally harmless. The ingredients we overlook are causing more harm
than you think. For example a common hair conditioner, deodorant, or sun block contains petroleum distillates which according
to the EPA, should only be handled when wearing gloves. These products also contain chemicals that act like estrogen and can
speed the growth of cancer cells and cause major hormone imbalances in both men and women. Some ingredients to avoid are
alcohol, artificial fragrances, aluminum, coal tar, laureth sulphates, glycols, parabens, or talc just to name a few. Some common
side effects of these ingredients include skin irritation, dizziness, asthma, connective tissue disease, cancer, early puberty in
children, fertility problems, etc. Be careful with products that say "Natural Ingredients". The government does not regulate
what "natural" means so these products can and often do contain synthetic compounds. Look for products made with plant-
based oils like palm or coconut, certified organic natural herbs, and none of the products previously listed.
Product Ingredients & Potential Toxicity

Detox Your Body This New Year
It is that time of year again. The time of year when we all start planning our New Year's resolutions and promising to loose
those extra holiday pounds. While we are all used to the New Year diet, you may not have ever thought about detoxifying your
body to achieve weight loss. In the world we live in today, toxins are everywhere. They lurk in the air we breathe, the products
we use in our homes, in the food we eat, and the water we drink. Our bodies are naturally equipped to handle and eliminate a
certain amount of these toxins, but due to the overload of exposure in our environment our systems get overwhelmed. The
toxins begin to be stored in the body. Fatigue, weight gain, irritability, immune weakness, and headaches are just a few of the
common problems caused by the toxic overload. How can you get rid of these toxins? Our 21day detox program is a great way
to cleanse the body. By simply following the supplement regimen, and eating a recommended diet of mostly fruits and
vegetables you can detoxify the entire body. Weight loss, relief of headaches and joint pain, increase of energy, decrease of
allergy and sinus problems and better overall health are just some of the benefits of the detox program.
The Growing Concerns of Lead Poisoning
As the classic song goes, "It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas". We have all started filling our shopping carts with the
popular toys this year. One of the most alarming things this Holiday season is unfortunately the recalls due to the concerns
about lead poisoning. More and more toys that are made overseas are coming up with unhealthy levels of lead. Some jewelry
and toys recently tested came up with over 700 times the safe amount of lead! Although an actual threshold has never been
set for lead poisoning, generally any number higher than 10 micrograms per deciliter of blood should be reason for alarm.
Symptoms of lead poisoning usually do not occur until the levels have reached high amounts. These symptoms include
stomachaches, cramping, fatigue, muscle weakness, diarrhea, headache, higher rates of tooth decay, irritability,
aggressiveness, and hyperactivity just to name a few. Lead permanently damages the Central nervous system as well as
injuring the gastrointestinal tract, and kidneys. Chelation and nutritional therapies are available for lead poisoning. Chelation
works by binding to the lead and causing it to be excreted in the urine. Exposure to lead can be toxic at any level, so it is
imperative to be aware of what your products contain and try to avoid it as much as possible. Test kits can be purchased to
test the lead amounts in your children's toys and your other household items. Along with toys and jewelry imported from other
countries, lead can also be found in items such as plumbing pipes, and children's paint sets. Some of the recent recalls include
Dora the Explorer toys, Fisher Price Sesame Street toys, Fisher Price Geo Trax, costume jewelry, and Mattel Barbie accessories.
Parents.com has a few of these items listed with their photos to help give you an idea of what to avoid. Take time this Holiday
Season to be aware of what you are purchasing and lets keep our families as safe as possible.

The Dangers of Acetaminophen
Because acetaminophen is so widely used, many mistakenly believe it to be completely harmless. What most people do not
know is the harm we are actually doing to our bodies. Tylenol and many prescription medications such as Vicodin, Lortab, and
Percocet all contain Acetaminophen. This harmful substance leaks toxins into the liver. Even when taken at the recommended
doses, Acetaminophen can cause liver failure and even death, especially if taken more than three days for a fever and 10 days
for pain. Acetaminophen is the cause for 100,000 calls to poison control, 56, 000 Emergency room visits, and over 450 deaths
from liver failure per year. Despite these alarming facts, this medication is still available over the counter and approved by the
FDA. Other leading side effects include headaches, asthma, eczema and rhinitis. Take the time this year to educate yourself on
all the harmful drugs we have all been putting in our bodies for years. You do have a choice. The natural choice.

The Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup
By now you have all probably seen or heard the commercials saying that High Fructose Corn Syrup (or HFCS) is safe because it
is made from corn, or that it has the same effects as regular sugar.
Despite what the corn industry or anyone else wants us to believe, it is NOT the same as regular sugar. In fact, HFCS is much
worse than regular white sugar. HFCS is any type of corn syrup that has been processed to make the glucose into fructose.
The food industry has started using HFCS in a wide variety of foods and drinks from crackers and salad dressing to sodas and
juice boxes due to the fact that it is so inexpensive to make. Because HFCS is high in fructose and your body requires glucose,
your body needs more, so you develop a craving for more sweets.

When glucose is consumed in the body, it increases the production of insulin which allows sugar to go to the cells to be used
as energy. It also helps manage the hormones that regulate appetite and food intake. Fructose, however can induce insulin
resistance which leads to diabetes, impair glucose tolerance, convert into triglycerides that leads to heart disease, and alter
the magnesium balance in the body that can lead to the acceleration of bone loss.

Many experts are now linking the obesity outbreak to HFCS as well. Since the introduction of HFCS to the American diet from
1975-1985 the obesity rate has increased at a similar rate to the amount of HFCS used. New studies show that if HFCS id
heated as it would be in cooking, it forms a dangerous chemical called hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF). This dangerous chemical
has been shown to kill honeybees that were fed the heated HFCS. On top of everything else, HFCS often contains mercury
which is toxic to the nerves.

Start reading the labels of all foods and drinks you and your family consume. HFCS is dangerous and needs to be avoided at all
cost. Organic whole foods are always the safer option.

The Dangers of Over the Counter Medications
The weather has officially changed which means cold and flu season is in full swing. This is the time of year when our kids are
sharing these common illnesses with all their friends. We all want our kids to get better as quick as possible. Most of us rush
down to the local drug store and buy an over the counter cough and cold medicine to help deal with the symptoms. What most
people do not realize is that these common and often overused medications are doing our kids more harm than good. Not only
are these medications toxic and dangerous, there is no substantial evidence that they are effective. In the past 50 years, there
have been only 11 studies on the effect these medications have on children. Yet none of these studies show that these over
the counter medications help cough and cold symptoms at all. Additionally, there have been many cases where children have
gotten sick and even died from using these medications. These recent cases pressed the FDA to pull infant doses of these
medications off the shelves. The FDA has also recommended that kids under the age of six should not use over the counter
medications for cough and cold. There are indications that teenagers may be added. While this is a start to addressing this
serious problem, that is simply not enough. There is also no evidence that over the counter medications are effective in adults.
The best way to cure a common cold is to let nature run its course. Most colds will go away within seven days without the use
of any medication. The most effective treatment for a cold is to drink plenty of warm liquids and get lots of rest. We have
several whole food supplements that we recommend which are safe and effective for all ages. Their unique formulas can help
boost the immune system and get rid of your cold and flu symptoms faster. Schedule an appointment today for our nutritional
scan to see what supplements would benefit you the most.
Toxic Ingredients in Skin Care Products

These are only a few of over 800 potentially toxic ingredients in personal care products:

AHA (alpha hydroxy acid)
Skin is exfoliated chemically instead of mechanically via abrasion, which dries and increases skin aging. It is supposed to be
anti-wrinkle and is found in many skin and hair care products. It was originally used as a cleaning compound and for tanning
leather. It works by developing a smooth finish as it strips the outer layer of the epidermis and causes the irritated skin to puff
up and fill in the lines and wrinkles. The FDA warns that strengths over 3% may thin the skin.

Acetamide MEA
Used in lipsticks and cream blushers to retain moisture, this ingredient causes adverse reactions and is toxic, carcinogenic and

Alkylphenol ethoxylates
It has been found to reduce sperm count, and to mimic estrogen in the body. It is widely used in shampoo, causes adverse
reactions and has been shown to be toxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic.

Ammonium laureth sulphate
This substance contains ether and is also easily absorbed by the skin. It is found in hair and bubble bath products. It is known
to cause adverse reactions, and to be carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic.

Used as a color additive in cosmetics, especially eye shadows, and in deodorants and antiperspirants, aluminium has been
listed as carcinogenic, toxic and mutagenic.

This substance is a known bone-marrow poison, yet it is widely used in combination with other chemicals in many personal care
products. It can cause adverse reactions and is carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic.

Coal Tar
Many kinds of shampoo designed to treat dandruff and flaky scalp contain this substance. It is disguised with names like FD,
FDC or FD&C colour. Coal tar causes potentially severe allergic reactions, asthma attacks, fatigue, nervousness, headaches,
nausea, lack of concentration and cancer.

Cocomidopropyl betaine
This is used in shampoo in combination with other surfactants. It is synthetic and can cause eyelid dermatitis.

Carbomers 934, 940, 941, 960, 961C
These are used as a thickener and stabilizer in creams, toothpastes, eye make-up and bathing products. They are known
allergens that have a high acidic pH in 1% water solution. They are synthetic emulsifiers that can cause eye irritations and
should be avoided.

DEA (diethanolamine)
This is a synthetic solvent, detergent and humectant widely used in brake fluid, industrial degreasers and antifreeze. It is also
found in hair dyes, lotions, creams, bubble baths, liquid dishwasher detergents and laundry soaps. It can be harmful for the
liver, kidneys and pancreas and may cause cancer in various organs. It has also been known to irritate skin, eyes and mucous
membranes. It poses health risks especially to infants and young children. It forms nitrosamines known to be carcinogens and
causes allergic reactions and contact dermatitis. It is hazardous and toxic.

This is a secondary amine that can cause allergic dermatitis and is known to have carcinogenic properties.

Many types of toothpaste and other tooth whiteners contain this substance. It has been known to damage the protective shell
of tooth enamel by weakening it.

Hydantoin Used in the synthesis of lubricants and resins and derived from methanol, this substance can cause dermatitis. It
acts as a preservative and may release formaldehyde and is a suspected carcinogen. Rats develop cancer when injected with
this chemical.

When applied externally, elastin, a protein in connective tissue, is supposed to improve the elasticity of the skin. There is,
however, no proof of this.

This is a hazardous chemical. Researchers linked it to cancer years ago. Fluoridated toothpaste is especially dangerous to
young children who tend to swallow it after brushing their teeth. It is supposed to arrest tooth decay but scientists are now
linking fluoride to dental deformity, arthritis, allergic reactions and Crohn's disease. It is a toxic manufacturing by-product.

This is a colourless gas with vapours that are extremely irritating to mucous membranes. Used in nail polishes and hardeners,
soaps, cosmetics and hair growing products, this substance is often hidden under the name DMDM hydantoin or MDM
hydantoin. Its trade name is formalin. It can potentially cause dermatitis and ingestion and can produce severe abdominal pain,
internal bleeding, vertigo, a loss of ability to urinate and coma. It is very toxic when inhaled, a severe skin irritant and a
suspected carcinogen. Its use in cosmetics is banned in Japan and Sweden.

Glycols (group)
This is used as a humectant (emulsifier and moisturizer) which can be derived from animal or vegetable, natural or synthetic
sources. In most cases it is used as a cheap glycerin substitute. Propylene glycol has caused liver abnormalities and kidney
damage in laboratory animals. Diethylene glycol and carbitol are considered toxic. Ethylene glycol is a suspected bladder
carcinogen. The FDA cautions manufacturers that glycols may cause adverse reactions in users. They have been shown to be
carcinogenic, mutagenic and toxic.

Imidazolidinyl urea
After parabens, this is the second most commonly used preservative in cosmetics. It is colourless, tasteless and odourless. It is
used in powders, baby shampoos, bath oils, colognes, eye shadows, blushers, hair tonics and lotions. It causes dermatitis. If
heated to higher temperatures, this substance produces formaldehyde.

Lauramide DEA
Lauric acid is derived mostly from coconut oil and laurel oil. It is used as a base for soaps, detergents and laurel alcohol
because of its foaming properties. Nitrosamines can form in all cosmetic ingredients containing amines and amino derivatives
with nitrogen compounds and nitrosamines are known carcinogens.

This is a term used for butyl-ethyl-germa and propyl paraben. It can cause dermatitis and allergic reactions. They are the most
common preservatives used in a variety of personal care products, especially creams and lotions. It is petroleum-based.

This substance can be found under the names of arsol, dowanol EPH, phenyl cellosolve, phenoxethol, phenoxetol and
phenonip. It is a substance that has been known to cause severe allergic reactions.

Polysorbate-n (20-85)
This is used as an emulsifier in cosmetic creams, lotions, cream deodorants, baby oil and suntan lotions. It causes contact
sensitivity and irritation to the skin.

This is a substance that can be carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic and may cause adverse reactions like dermatitis and fatal drug
allergies (anaphylactic shock). It may also cause increased sensitivity to muscle relaxants.

Sodium Laureth Sulphate
Used mainly in shampoo and conditioners, this substance can cause skin irritation and dermatitis. It contains ether and is toxic.

Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
This is an ingredient in 90% of commercially available shampoo and conditioners. It is found in car wash soap, engine
degreaser, toothpaste, cream, lotion and garage-floor cleaners. It corrodes hair follicles, impedes hair growth and it can
penetrate the eyes, brain, liver and remain there for a long time. It can also degenerate cell membranes, change the genetic
information (mutagenic) in cells and damage the immune system. It may also cause blindness and lead to cataracts from which
the eyes cannot heal properly. Studies have shown that these additives react with the ingredients of food supplements or
cosmetics to form carcinogenic nitrates and dioxin. All of this may enter the circulatory system with each shampooing or each
oral ingestion. The end result is that these harmful ingredients can be retained in the liver, heart, eyes, kidneys and muscles
for several years after being used. It is further reported to cause eye irritations, skin rashes, hair loss, dandruff and allergic

Sodium oleth sulfate
This may contain dangerous levels of ethylene oxide and/or dioxane, which are both potent toxins.

Sodium (PCA /NaPCA)
This is used as a conditioner for skin and hair. Synthetic versions can seriously dry the skin and can cause allergic reactions.
Styrene monomer This substance can be carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic and may cause adverse reactions like irritation to the
eyes and mucous membranes.

Stearamidopropyl tetrasodium EDTA
Nitrosamines can form in all cosmetic ingredients containing amines and amino derivatives with nitrogen compounds.
Nitrosamines are known carcinogens.

It is derived in powder form from the mineral magnesium silicate. It can be hazardous to one's health, and is toxic with
prolonged inhalation. Some talc is found to contain amphibole particle distribution typical to asbestos, which is cancer- causing
and a known lung irritant.

This substance is obtained from petroleum; it is used as a solvent in cosmetics, especially nail polishes and dyes. It is also
found in pharmaceuticals and gasoline as a blending agent. It resembles benzene, and if ingested may cause mild anemia, liver
damage, and may irritate the skin and respiratory tract.

Triethanolamine (TEA)
This can cause severe facial dermatitis, irritation and sensitivity. It is used as a pH adjuster. It reacts with a specific acid to form
oil in water emulsions, typically lotions. It may contain nitrosamines that are known carcinogens. Its main toxic effect in animals
is due to its over-alkalinity. It is used as a coating agent for fruits and vegetables.

The Dangers of Soft Drinks
It is almost impossible to go somewhere that does not serve soft drinks. We have all become so accustomed to having these
drinks so easily accessible they have become a dangerous part of our every day diet. Despite the fact that the average soda
has no nutritional value, they are filled with dangerous chemicals that can have huge effects on our health. Each 12 ounce can
of soda contains 35-38mg of caffeine and as much as 13 teaspoons of sugar and up to or over 100 calories. Soft drinks alone
add more sugar to an average 2-year-old's diet than cookies, candies and ice cream combined. Studies also show that children
that drink soda increase their risk for obesity 1.6 times with each additional daily serving.

The sugars and acids found in soda can cause tooth decay, and can lead to diseases such as osteoporosis, diabetes, and
cancer. As if the side effects to our body are not enough, soda can be used to clean a toilet, get the battery acid off of a car
battery, and remove rust and grease stains so just imagine what it is doing to your body.

Removing soda from your diet is one of the biggest steps you can take to improve your health. A good alternative to soft drinks
is to take sparkling water or Perrier and mix it with your favorite organic juice. It is a great way to still get the carbonation of a
soft drink without the harmful chemicals. Taking the small step of removing these harmful drinks and replacing it with water,
juice, or organic tea can make a huge difference to your health.

The Brain Needs Exercise Too
Our brain is one of the most vital, yet complex organs in the body. Not only is it the control system for the entire nervous
system, but it also gives us the capacity for things like art, language, morals, rational thought, personality, memories,
movement, and our five senses. The brain is also responsible for controlling our unconscious movements like breathing and
digestion. Because the brain loses function as we age, it is important to take action and keep challenging the brain to keep it
active and functioning to the utmost ability. Regular physical exercise is important for the brain especially if it requires balance
and co-ordination like table tennis. Exercise will increase the blood flow to the hippocampus which is the part of the brain
responsible for memory, and increase the production of new brain cells.
It is also important to stay social and involved with others. Studies show that the interacting with others on a regular basis can
prevent cognitive decline. Volunteering at a charity or joining a book club can be a big help.

The food in your diet can make a big difference in brain function as well. Dark fruits and veggies like kale, spinach, beets,
eggplant, avocados, blueberries, raisins, prunes, red grapes, and oranges can help keep the neurons in the brain firing. Fish
like tuna, trout and salmon and walnuts are also good food for the brain.

One of the most important things you can do to help the function of the brain is to exercise it and challenge yourself on a daily
basis with games like crossword puzzles, word scrambles, Sudoku, etc. Nintendo also has a program for the DS called Brain
Age that has great activities for all ages. If you don't want to spend money on an expensive game system check out www.
brainmetrix.com, www.braingle. com, or www.sharpbrains.com for some free mental exercises that can really make a difference.

Research shows that exercising the brain can increase alertness, agility of thought, creativity, concentration, brain speed,
reflection, and improve the function by 10 years. Get started today and keep your brain going strong.

Nitrates Can Be Linked to Many Diseases
It is no secret that over the years, the standard American diet has continued to get worse. If you were to talk to your
grandparents or great grandparents about the food they ate and what they used to grow their crops, it would not have nearly
the amount of additives and nitrates that our products have now. Recent studies show that the nitrates, nitrites, and
nitrosamines that can be found in processed food and fertilizers that leak into our water supply can be linked to the increased
deaths from diseases like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and Diabetes. These harmful chemicals can be found in many food products
like cured meats and cheese products, as well as water and beer. Because these diseases are continually having higher death
rates, the experts believe that it has to be due to exposure rather than gene and DNA mutations. One of the most important
things we can do to eliminate these growing problems is to choose less toxic food and filter the water we drink to remove
nitrates from our diet as much as possible. USDA Organic food is always the better choice, but if you don't always shop at
Whole Foods, there are some companies out there that do not use nitrates. " "Hormel" has some ham, turkey, and roast beef
deli meat that does not have nitrates. "Boar's Head" has several items that do not have nitrates or preservatives. You can
request a complete list of products on their website www.boarshead.com. Costco's "Coleman Natural" brand is also a safer
choice. Always completely read the labels of all the meat and products you buy. Even products claiming to be "natural" can be
misleading. Take steps today for a healthier tomorrow.

Say No to Dangerous Side Effects
You can't open a magazine or turn on the TV and not see an advertisement for a prescription medication that guarantees to
help all your common ailments. These ads show happy active people that seem to not have a care in the world simply because
they are on these medications. While these happy people in the ads throw a ball to their dog, you hear the narrator give the
long list of side effect ranging from diarrhea and a sore throat to heart attack, stroke, or liver damage. A common mistake many
of us make is treating the symptoms and side effects rather than finding the underlying cause and treating the issue itself. For
example, Tylenol has been shown to cause high blood pressure. Instead of discontinuing the medicine, we start taking high
blood pressure medication which causes decreased sexual function. Therefore we take medication for that and it begins a
vicious cycle of medication after medication. Pain is one of the biggest reasons for use of both over the counter and prescription
medications. Vioxx and Celebrex are among some of the most dangerous prescription medications. Vioxx has killed anywhere
from 30,000 to 100,000 people and Celebrex doubles the risk for heart attack, failure and even death. Despite the warnings
not to use for more than 10 days, most people use drugs like Tylenol, Advil, Aleve etc when they get an ache or pain. These are
known as Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs. If used for long periods of time these drugs can cause liver and
kidney damage and/or failure, ulcers, internal bleeding, heart attack, dizziness, and decreased immune function just to name a
few. Digestion is another common reason for the use of medications. With meal portions growing and the quality of the food
we eat decreasing, our digestive systems can hardly keep up. Over the counter medications can actually cause more problems
such as ulcers, weakened lining in the stomach, and decreased digestion, which often leads to nutritional deficiencies. With
cold and flu season approaching and allergy season already in full swing, many people will be stocking up on anti-histamines
and decongestants that can cause drowsiness, nervousness, heart palpitations, sleeplessness, and strokes. With this long list
of dangerous side effects for the medicines we have all become so used to taking, isn't it time to find a safer alternative? When
in doubt try the natural route. Standard Process as well as many other natural companies make natural alternatives for just
about any medication out there without the side effects. Contrasting ice and heat when you are in pain can make a huge
difference. Cataplex D, Arnica, Saligesic Trauma Gel, Omega 600 fish oil, Cramplex, and Boswellia are just some of the
supplements that can help with pain. For allergies or cold and flu symptoms you can use Congaplex, Cyruta Plus, Echinacea-C,
or Thymex to help boost the immune system. Antronex works like an anti-histamine to relieve sinus and allergy symptoms. As
always we can do a scan to check which supplement would be best for your specific needs. For the month of August we are
offering a free quick check for allergies so call and schedule your appointment today. Lets get back to health the natural way.

Are Your Antacids Killing You?
What do you do when you have heart burn or indigestion? If you are like most people then you reach for your TUMS, Rolaids,
Prilosec OTC or prescription medications. What you may not realize is that those common antacids we are so used to using,
may cause dangerous side effects such as an overgrowth of bacteria in bowels, parasitic infections, depression, bloating, B-12
deficiency and gastric polyps to name a few. As well as causing these harmful side effects, these drugs do not fix the
underlying cause of the problem. Most symptoms of indigestion and heartburn are caused by a lack of digestive enzymes in the
stomach. This could be caused from stress, not chewing food properly, etc. Low levels of digestive enzymes create an over-
production of stomach acid, which in turn creates the symptoms of indigestion and heartburn. This cycle of taking common
antacids and low stomach acid inhibits the body from getting the nutrients we need from the food we eat.

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