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Chiropractic Care for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

With computers, video games, text messaging, and all the other activities we do on a daily basis that require repetitive hand motion, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is becoming more and more common. In fact, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (or CTS) results in the highest number of days missed at work among all other work related injuries.

The carpal tunnel is a tunnel for the tendons and nerves that can be found at the base of the hand. Symptoms of CTS usually include tingling, numbness, pain, lack of coordination, weakness, stiffness in the hands, and inability to hold objects. Although direct trauma to the area can start the problems associated with CTS, it is usually repetitive micro-trauma that does the most damage.

CTS can be caused by repetitive use of the hands without rest, awkward or abnormal posture of the neck, arm, or wrists, B vitamin imbalances, etc. A misconception is that CTS is just in the wrist, but it can start anywhere along the nerve between the neck and the hand. 90% of the time it starts in the neck.

CTS can be treated with adjustments to the neck, arm, and wrist, massage, wearing a wrist brace for just the wrist during the day and a brace that covers the wrist and hand (like a bowling brace) at night. The "Microsoft Natural" is a keyboard and mouse that keep your wrist at the correct position to prevent CTS. Supplements such as Cataplex B or G and Folic Acid B12 can also help balance the B vitamin deficiencies that can lead to CTS. We also have a series of specific exercises that provide stretches that can help ease symptoms and prevent future damage. A nerve conduction study can also be performed to see the amount of damage and track the progress of healing.

Try to remember to maintain the normal curve of your neck and low back at all times, relax your shoulders, keep your wrists straight, and keep your computer monitor at eye level. These simple tips can make a huge difference.

CTS can be painful, but it can be successfully treated without drugs or surgery. Take action today!

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