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Chiropractic Care for Headaches

More than likely you have experienced a headache at one time in your life.

To some, headaches are so common they have become part of everyday life. We minimize this problem or simply pop some more over the counter medications and wait for the pain to go away. If we understand the true complexity of headaches and the options that are available to fix this common problem, we may be more likely to actually do something about it.

First of all it is important to know that headaches are a symptom not the disease itself. They are usually described as pain in the forehead, eyes, jaws, temples, scalp, skull, eyes, or neck. Because there are over 150 diagnostic headache categories, it is sometimes hard to diagnose and treat every headache. Some types of headaches are tension, migraines, caffeine withdrawal, cervicogenic (neck related), and sinus just to name a few.

Headaches are classified in two categories primary and secondary. Primary makes up 94% of all headaches with 78% being tension or stress related and 16% being migraines. Secondary headaches are caused by underlying pathological things such as brain tumors.

It is important to stop and look at the history of headaches suffered and how they have affected daily life. Look at how often they have occurred, any change in pattern, and how often and effectively any medications were used. The answers to these questions may surprise you and help you realize the importance of finding the underlying cause as opposed to masking the problem with medications or ignoring it all together.

One of the most overlooked treatment options for headaches is Chiropractic care. According to a study published in the Journal of Manipulative Physiological Therapeutics, June 1997, six Chiropractic adjustments preformed over a three week period, decreased the number of headache hours by 69% and overall headache intensity by 36%. Other studies show that 78% of all headaches including migraines can be related to problems in the neck and can be corrected with Chiropractic care. Muscle testing and leg length checks used by the Chiropractor can help determine where exactly the problem in the neck is therefore making it easier to correct the headaches. The adjustment to the neck or spine relieves pressure to the nerves releasing tension and getting rid of the headache.

Adjustments are not the only thing offered in our office to help with headaches. Massage therapy, acupuncture, rehab exercises, and designed clinical nutrition can also play a huge role in the correction of headaches.

Schedule an appointment today and see what you can do to correct this growing problem.

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